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Our Story

Justin and I have always been blessed with reasonably good skin since our youth and we really put that down to having been dealt a lucky hand in the genetic pool. That's until COVID-19 happened and we both started to get maskne! — or gross pimply break outs thanks to continuously wearing masks. It started on my left cheek and slowly it started to spread all across my face and that really upset me.

What is Maskne

This is a acne and rash condition that happens due to prolonged wearing of masks. It is more prevalent during Covid-19 but hockey goalies, rugby players and car racers are also prone to have maskne especially at areas where the facial wear contacts the skin.

This area is warm, sticky, and a place that sweat builds up and clogs the pores. Add in warm breath, dead skin, oil, makeup and you have a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and subsequently breakouts to occur. Friction and allegies to certain materials also aggravate the matter causing irritation, redness and even blackheads to form more quickly.   


Because of the lockdowns, we were unable to visit our local beautician to improve the situation, so we had no choice but to resort to home remedies. We both scoured the internet and bought all sorts of creams, scrubbers and exfoliators to try but to no avail. This is when we thought we really needed to create something that works and is of good value for regular people like us. Through research, we also realised that others faced the same predicament and solving the maskne problem also extends to other areas too. 
We then started speaking with friends who had contacts in the beauty tools industry and through countless iterations of trial and error with our partners to create the Ultimate Beauty tool, Veris.Be was finally born. We not only managed to rid ourselves of our maskne situation but now am helping countless individuals on their journey to better more beautiful skin. - Charmaine

“Self love is asking yourself what you need – everyday – and then making sure you receive it.”